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Terms of Service and Purchase

Terms of use, purchases and privacy policy.

These terms, conditions and agreements apply to all transactions that will take place through the website

The website is an online jewelery store and is owned by the company under the name "MARIA ANASTASIA EQUESTRIAN ACTIVITIES - JEWELLERY PRIVATE COMPANY", Tax reg. number: 801813096, D.O.Y. Serres, based in D. Floria st 4, Serres Greece, phone +302321027186, e-mail:

The following terms, conditions and agreements cover the sale of goods and products through our online store. Consequently, any user who does not agree with these terms, should not use our e-shop and abstain from any transaction with it.

The following terms, conditions and agreements may be changed at any time by our Company. For this reason, individual users should check them before conducting any transaction through our online store.


Those who wish to visit our company's website with the domain name "" should feel free to do so. However, in order to make use of the services provided by our e-shop and in particular to conclude contracts of purchase with our Company for the purpose of selling products from us to third parties, the following procedure is required and must be completed before placing any product order.

Therefore, if Visitors to the Site wish to purchase one or some of our products, then they are required to fill in the pre-configured on-line application form. For their registration, they are requested to provide a valid Visitor's e-mail address and a password (Login Procedure - Account Creation). The Password entered by the Visitor must be unique and personalized and will serve to certify the details of our Company's counterpart. Keeping the privacy of this code is the sole responsibility of the customer as our Company does not have access to this code and can only provide him/her with a new password through the reset process.

In this application the visitor is required to complete his / her true information. The visitor bears sole responsibility for the truthfulness, validity, accuracy, completeness and updating of the information that provides as part of the application and is solely responsible for any penal consequences of the declaration of false or non-existent data. In the case that our customers wish to receive our newsletter on their personal email address, then they should declare it through the special link on our website.


Our Company makes every effort to ensure that the goods / products displayed for sale in our online store, are displayed as fully as possible so that the consumer has full knowledge and insight of them. However, the Company reserves the right and does not hold the responsibility for any typographical errors or mistakes of any type, made inadvertently, or by mistake of third parties, or by the intervention of third parties, or for reasons of force majeure.

Our product prices can be changed at any time without any prior notice.



Our Company fully complies with any applicable law. Any information provided in our online store is "as displayed" without any guarantee of any kind.

Given the nature and volume of the Internet, under any circumstances and regardless of whether or not there is a fault, our site holds itself not responsible for any form of damage suffered by the visitor / user when using the pages, options, services and content of our website which he/she visits freely. The contents of our web site are provided "as are" without any warranty either expressed or implied in any way. To the fullest extent and in compliance with the law, our website denies all warranties expressed or implied, including, but not limited to those which imply the merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Our site does not guarantee that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruption, without errors and that the errors will be corrected. Also, our site does not guarantee that the same or any other related website or servers through which they are made available to visitors / users / members do not contain "viruses" or other harmful components. Our site does not guarantee in any way the accuracy, completeness or availability of these contents, pages, services, options or their results. The cost of possible corrections or services is assumed by the visitor / user / member and in no case by our website.


Once the above described sign-up process and consequent connection of the Visitor to our Online Store has been completed, then and as long as the Visitor does so, he/she may proceed to purchases of products from our Online Store.

After selecting the product(s) of interest, the Customer completes the order by, filling the special form available in our online store. The information required in the form is: name, surname, address, postal code, city, telephone (home phone or mobile), e-mail address and Country. Our Company can not interfere with the data entered by the Customer, which are considered to be correct and true. The company reserves every legitimate right if the entered data turn out to be forged, false or non-existent. In this application the Customer is required to complete his / her true information. The Customer bears sole responsibility for the truth, validity, accuracy, completeness and updating of the information he/she provides as part of the application and is solely responsible for any penal consequences of the declaration of false or non-existent data. By completing these data and sending them to our Company, the Guest is registered with our Company. If our customer wishes to delete this registration then he/she may either use this link to do so or ask it by sending an e mail at

In any case, pre-acceptance of these terms, conditions and agreements is required prior to the submission of the order so that the ordering procedure can be completed. With this marking the Customer explicitly and unconditionally declares that prior to the submission of his/her order, he/she became aware of them as well as that he/she knows and accepts that the order in question involves the payment to us of the price of the ordered products. Subsequently, the order automatically is received by our Company. Up to this point, there is only a Customer's proposal for a purchase contract.

As soon as the Company sends to the Customer the confirmation of receipt of the order, which is in the form of an e-mail, then the order is considereded to have been received by the Company. The Customer gets noticed so, according to the type of communication he has chosen.

Should the Customer discover any error in his/her order, he/she must IMMEDIATELY inform our Company about it, in writing, by mail at, in order to correct any incorrect information and to update it, so that it can be properly completed.

Our Company, after checking and confirming the availability of the ordered product(s), sends to the customer the so-called "Confirmation of Order Acceptance". The " Confirmation of Order Acceptance " will include details of the ordered product and its features, the price, the shipping cost and, in general, all the details of the order. From now on, the contract of sale between our Company and the Customer is deemed to have been concluded, creating thus, related claims for the parties.


Our Company reserves the right to the availability of its products if they are not available at the time of placing the order. In such a case, either the order will not be accepted by our Company or, if the product is exhausted after the completion of the order, the Company undertakes the obligation to notify the customer directly in one of the ways he/she has selected and to cancel the transaction by returning the payment amount to the Customer, depending on the method of payment. In both cases, the Company undertakes to perform the above actions without undue delay.

In the case of an order consisting of more than one items, if one of these items is not available, then the Company must immediately inform the customer about it. The Customer is entitled without further justification to cancel his order by sending an e-mail to , if the order can not be realized in full due to lack of availability .The Company is obliged to refund the amount to the Customer in reasonable time after the receipt of the cancellation email and in any case within 30 days.


Our Products are delivered by our Company to a Courier Company, which undertakes the delivery of the product to the Customer. The Customer is solely responsible for the correctness, truth and completeness of the information he/she has provided when determining the place of delivery. In the event that this place is false or does not belong to the Customer then our Company reserves the right to any legal right.


In case the delivery of the ordered product takes place in the Greek Territory, then our Company undertakes to deliver within 3 to 5 days while in case the delivery of the product must take place abroad, then our Company undertakes to deliver within 14 days. If for any reason it is reasonably foreseen that the delivery of the order will be delayed then our Company will immediately inform the Customer accordingly and will make every effort to deliver the order within a short and reasonable time to the Customer.

In any case, our Company is required to deliver the item within twenty days of the confirmation of the order, unless there are circumstances of force majeure. In the event that these events last for more than 30 days, each of the parties has the right to terminate the contract without any right to compensation, while the Company is obliged, upon disclosure of the contract termination, to return the price to the Customer without delay, according to the selected way of payment.


The cost of courier delivery of the ordered product to our Customer is free of charge for each order within the Greek Territory, € 10 per order that will be delivered in Cyprus while for each delivery of an ordered item abroad, the courier cost amounts to € 30 per order. This cost is charged to the Customer who is required to advance this, as it is explicitly stated on the ordering platform of our e-shop, once the Customer’s placement of delivery has been completed by our Customer.


The following are the acceptable ways of payment:

A. By depositing to GR34 0172 2570 0052 5710 6255 163 bank account of our Company at Piraeus Bank

B. By using a credit / debit card.

In this case, the Customer will conduct the online transaction by linking the Bank's relevant page and by accepting the Banking Terms and Terms of Use of the respective Bank's website.

C. By paying with cash upon delivery. The customer may choose to pay the price when the delivery of the product takes place. In this case the Customer explicitly declares with the acceptance of the present that the payment of the price can be done only by cash payment.


Within 14 calendar days of the date of delivery or receipt of the product, the Customer has the right to withdraw from the sales contract without giving any reasons, under the following terms and conditions:

This withdrawal is unjustified and written. The Customer completes the special form that is located on our website as well as placed in the order package and sends it to our Company, either via the electronic mailing address or via the mailing address Our Company will confirm in writing the receipt of the withdrawal letter in the above two cases. This kind of withdrawal does not concern defective products or products that have deficiencies of a consented status. For such products, other provisions apply.

The Customer is obliged to return the product to the exact condition in which it was received ("as new"), ie the product should not have been used, damaged or altered. All relevant documents (certificates, guarantee cards, etc.) should necessarily accompany the product.

The product should be accompanied by the original purchase receipt from the person who bought the product.

The Customer is not obliged to pay to our Company the amount spent by our Company for sending the product, unless our Customer has explicitly chosen a delivery method other than the standard delivery method we refer to, on our online store.

Our Customer will only bear the cost of returning the item to our Company, which can only be reimbursed via the Courier Company called “ACS Courier”. _ Courier Services – Courier services of documents, parcels – small items or by returning the item to our premises.

The Customer is obliged to return the item within 14 calendar days starting from the day of the receipt of the statement of withdrawal by our Company in accordance with paragraph 1 above. It is enough to send the thing to our Company within the above deadline.

Our Company is obliged and bound to do so without undue delay and in any case within 14 calendar days of the day when it was informed of the buyer's decision to withdraw from the contract, to return to the buyer any amount received for the particular sale contract , using exactly the same means of payment as the consumer used for the original transaction, unless another arrangement is agreed between the two parts, provided that the product and its accompanying documents have been returned as described earlier.

Especially in the case of credit card payment, our Company is required to promptly notify the Bank of canceling the transaction. However, apart from this action, our Company can not do anything else and is not responsible for anything else, since the cancellation of a credit card transaction can only be made by the Bank as the credit card issuer under and on the basis of the specific terms of the Banking Agreement between the Bank and the Customer.

Our Company expressly and in accordance with the Law declares that it is entitled to withhold the reimbursement of the amount paid by the Customer until it has received the item(s) or until the Customer has provided evidence that he has sent the item back. If a purchased product is accompanied by a gift item free of charge, then following the cancellation statement, the gift item must be returned along with the purchased product.


The right of withdrawal, as defined and described above, is not granted in the following cases:

A. Where the Customer did not use our e-shop site but visited our store and bought from there our product / products as these sales contracts are not distance selling contracts.

B. Where a particular product has been manufactured following specific, clearly personalized specifications, set by the customer.


If the product has a defect or a lack of an agreed status, the client has the following rights in accordance with Law (Civil Code, Article 540):

In particular, the customer may:

1. demand, without charge, the correction or replacement of the item with another, unless such action is impossible or requires disproportionate costs;

2. claim a price reduction;

3. withdraw from the contract, except in the case of an insignificant defect.

Our Company is required to make the correction or replacement in reasonable time and without significant inconvenience to the purchaser. For a property to be considered as agreed, it must have been agreed in writing between the Customer and our Company, in order to eliminate the possibility of conflicts and disputes.

For everything else, the Civil Code and all its relevant provisions apply.

In any case, the Customer must immediately inform our Company both of the existence of a defect and/or of the lack of an agreed status either by mail or by any other type of document.

Moreover, in any case, our Company, with its own consultants and specialists, will examine the product for which the Customer has complained off, for the existence of a defect or for the lack of an agreed status.


In the event that a product is sent to our Customer by mistake (i.e. without the products in question having been ordered), then the latter is obliged to notify immediately our Company, report the error and return these products on our company's expenses. The unauthorized receipt of these products or the failure to inform the Company of the error, does not apply as acceptance or declaration of intention to purchase the products under no circumstances. If the Company requests the return of its products, the Customer or Third Party is obliged to return them immediately, no later than 8 working days from the date of delivery. Our Company will notify him/her of the return procedure, and all return costs will be on the Company's expenses. If this deadline expires and no return of them has taken place, then our Company considers that the Customer has received the said products in order to acquire them and considers itself entitled to claim the price in any lawful manner. The Customer is obliged to pay this price as a purchase price of the withheld product(s).


All requests and data that our Customer provides are completely confidential and our Company will use them strictly for the purposes of operating our online store and proper communication with the Customer. Any mail or other document sent to us by our Customer is not disclosed to third parties unless the law requires it.


Our website does not control the availability, content, policy of protection of personal data, quality and completeness of other web sites and pages referred through "links", hyperlinks or advertising in the form of banners, skin, adventorials etc. Therefore, for any problem encountered during their visit/use, users must contact directly the respective websites and pages, which exclusively and entirely bear responsibility for the provision of their services. Our website should not in any way be considered as embracing or accepting the content or services of the websites and webpages to which it refers or links to them in any other way. Under no circumstances is our website responsible for the treatment of personal data given by our visitors to these sites and pages and their privacy policy.


Links to the network are allowed either through hyperlinks or through images or video only to its home page and not to pages that may request a password unless there is explicit, contrary agreement between the content owner and the referring organization.


Our site can collect and use cookies and IP addresses.

Cookies are small text files stored on the hard drive of each visitor/user/member and do not ‘read’ any document or file that is stored or installed on its personal computer. Cookies are used for the identification of the visitor/user of our services and options by our website and facilitate visitor's /user's access to the services of our website. They can also be used for statistical purposes in order to find out in which areas our site is most visited or is more popular or for other marketing purposes. If the visitor/user does not wish to use cookies he/she will not have access to some of the services on our website.

IP Address is the ‘gate’ through which the computer of the individual visitor/user/member has access to the Internet. IP addresses are also used for statistical or marketing purposes.


The trademarks and all the content of this website and our online store including images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts and services are registered with the competent authorities and are legally protected, intellectual and industrial property of our Company, both in Greece and abroad. Any use of the trademarks by a third party not authorized to do so, is absolutely prohibited and is punished according to applicable law. Accordingly, none of them may be sold, copied, modified, reproduced, republished or distributed in any way, in whole or in part. Customers understand and accept that they are not allowed to reproduce, copy, sell, resell and/or exploit commercially or in any other way, all or part of the content of this website. Their appearance on our site does not in any way mean that we intend to transfer or assign any intellectual right or industrial property right to any third party.


In order to operate our online store, to inform our customers, but also for statistical purposes, as well as for reasons of promotion, advertising, support of our e-shop, but also of the correctness and legitimacy of the transactions carried out through it, our Company collects simple personal data of its customers. These data are provided by the latter during the registration, the connection and the submission of a product order procedures, creating thus a relevant record according to the Law.

By submitting only the requested data for the registration process and login to our site  or additionally by submitting the necessary data for the placement of the product order, our Customers give us their explicit consent, in order for our Company to register these data in the archive it creates and to use it for the reasons outlined above as well as to communicate with them.

Our Company abides by all applicable Legislative Arrangements for the creation and maintenance of a File, while each Visitor / Customer may at any time contact us, request the correction of his/her personal data or even the deletion of it. The Customer may also raise objections at any time in accordance with and as degined by the Law 2472/1997, either by calling us at +302321027186 or by writing via email to . Our Company has the right and responsibility for the procession of such data in accordance with Law 2472/1997.

Our Company undertakes not to disclose the personal data of its Customers to any third party (legal entity and/or natural person) in compliance with, and abiding to the current Legislative Framework. Our Company will only use the collected personal data for its own purposes and mainly for statistical purposes, for the smooth conduct of transactions, for the realization of customers' wishes and/or orders, for the purposes of promotion, advertising, support, execution of transactions, or for the purpose of complying with the relevant provisions of the law and with the competent authorities in the latter case. To that end, by submitting the required data for our registration and login process, our Customers give their explicit consent, in order for our Company to be able to process the personal data of its Customers according to the abovementioned paragraphs.


The contracts between our Company and our customers that are entered into and carried out through our e-shop, are governed by European and Greek law, as is always the case. In the case where there is a use of our e-shop from a foreign country, these terms will again apply.

These terms may and will be updated whenever something changes in our Company's Policy or whenever the Law requires changes to be made. All changes will be made to this text without any other special announcement.

Any dispute that will arise from the concluded sales contracts through the use of our e-shop will be resolved under Greek law and the Courts of Serres will be competent. For the out-of-court settlement of the dispute, the Customer may contact the existing legally-established organizations for an ‘out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes’. Such are Consumers' Associations, the General Secretariat of Consumer, Local Conciliation Commissions, the Greek Ombudsman etc.

According to the Directive 2013/11 / EC, which has been incorporated into the Greek legislation under Joint Ministerial Decision 70330/2015, the possibility of electronic resolution of consumer disputes with the Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure in the European Union as a whole is now available. If the Customer has a problem with a purchase made by the Online Store and resides in the EU, he/she may use this site for out-of-court settlement of the dispute.

The Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) certified provider for this purpose is: European Consumers' Centre (ECC GREECE), Alexandras Avenue, 144, 11 471, Athens, +30 2106460284 +30 2106460784, The Customer may contact the above organization to guide him/her throughout the process of filing and processing his/her complaint. All notifications must be made in writing.

It is expressly stated that the protection provided by Law 2251/1994 concerns only the "consumer" as defined in Article 1 of Law 2251/1994. The invalidity of some of these terms does not invalidate all terms but only results in partial voidability and inapplicability, otherwise the contract is valid and operates normally. The present have the role of updating article 3b of law 2251/1994.